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international intellectual property; global governance; countermeasures

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Under the new situation, it is an important task and strategic measure to promote the global governance of intellectual property in China. In recent years, the trend of global intellectual property governance structure has undergone profound changes, especially the tremendous adjustment and innovation of international intellectual property rules and systems. On the other hand, the United States takes intellectual property issues as an excuse to create Sino-US trade frictions and undermine the international economic and trade order and governance system. All these things pose a severe challenge to the global governance environment of intellectual property rights in China. At present, China is at a disadvantage situation in the game of global intellectual property rights rules, the role of intellectual property rights in emerging fields to support global competition is limited, and the international environment of intellectual property rights faced by enterprises is becoming increasingly severe. What's more, the government's overseas intellectual property service capacity still needs to be improved. In order to raise the level of global intellectual property governance in China, it is necessary to lead the establishment of regional intellectual property cooperation organizations, strengthen intellectual property protection and cooperation in emerging fields, actively integrate into the global intellectual property governance system, and enhance the public service capacity of government overseas intellectual property rights.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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