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planetary science; first level disciplines; deep space exploration; national strategy

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Planetary science is the one among the frontiers of science in the world and also is one of the key components of the development strategy of science and technology in China, which reflects the state of national natural science and the comprehensive national strength. In recent years, China's deep space exploration program has obtained remarkable and world-class achievements, however, the development of the planetary science program has greatly fallen behind. The lack of planetary science as the first level discipline and related education system has greatly limited the development of planetary science in China. Currently, the global influence of China is expanding rapidly, and this is the right time and imperative to establish the first level discipline of planetary science. We believe that we can use the strategy of "high starting point, fast development, wide crossover, deep integration" to establish and develop planetary science program in China, and the program can greatly help the perfection of discipline layout, foster world-class talents in the field, and this is also the only way to transform China's deep space exploration from big to strong.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences