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culture of science; family-based; organization mode

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The culture of science is an important part of the culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the crucial content for confidence in the culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and a system of values, behavioral rules, and social regulations for the science community, even broadly for the whole society. In the era of knowledge production transformation, the long existing "family-based" research organization model is now facing with the crisis and challenges in training innovative talent, exploring scientific frontier, and serving the economy and society, and becomes a main constraint for high quality scientific development. This exactly reflects that construction of culture of science in China is lagging behind most of the western countries. From the view to nurture culture of science and to purify the academic environment, establishment of a kind of research organization model that promotes innovation will lay a solid foundation for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, making China a country of innovations, and realizing the target of a powerful country in science and technology.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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