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In China, coal is the main energy resource, which makes it to be the basic energy. It has always been the focus for the scientists, industry, and society that how to realize the coal clean and efficient combustion. The coal-fired power generation accounts for 65% of total amount of electricity, and coal combustion can also provide heat for the fields of iron and steel, building materials and chemical industry. Meanwhile, the harmful pollutants of released nitrogen, sulfur, dust, and others will greatly affect air environment. Therefore, realizing coal clean and efficient combustion in industry field taking 90% amount of total coal combustion plays a critical role in winning the battles of pollution control and blue sky protection, and it is urgent to update the coal clean and efficient combustion technology in industry field fundamentally. In this paper, the current situation of coal clean and efficient combustion technology is reviewed, and it is proposed that the transformational technology greatly inhibiting nitrogen oxides (the main component of haze) in combustion process and combining flue gas cleaning technology can realize ultra-low emission or even near zero emission of pollutants in normal coal combustion economically, which can provide technological support for coal clean and efficient combustion in industry field.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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