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underwater acoustical signal processing; sonar design; new advances

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The advances and prospect of underwater acoustical signal processing and sonar technology in China during last 40 years is introduced, including the theory and experiment of underwater acoustical signal modeling, technique of acoustical field matched, exploration and study of ocean waveguide and internal wave phenomena, information acquisition and processing of acoustical vector field, research work in time/space correlation performance of underwater acoustic channel, extraction and detection technique of radiated noise invariant feature of underwater target, high resolution image sonar technique and anti-interference transmission technology of underwater speech and image. The theoretical study achievement and the application of these technologies produce a series technology innovation in sonar design, such as large aperture linear towed array Sonar for long range signal detection, Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) of high resolution image sonar, high fidelity real time voice communication sonar, passive ranging sonar, acoustic-guided torpedo, and multiple purpose surface and submerged buoy. Some of achievements, which was carried out in past 863 Program in marine area are introduced. The prospect of underwater acoustical signal processing and sonar technology is discussed in this paper, including deep sea acoustics, Arctic acoustics, radiated noise detection of quiet submarine, integrated information acquisition and data fusion technique in the field of underwater-sea surface-space. The special and irreplaceable important role of these technologies in constructing maritime power country is given.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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