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livestock and poultry farming; environmental control; intelligent equipment

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Environmental control technology, management, and intelligent equipment are critical components for modern intensive livestock and poultry farming, having great impacts on its biosecurity, animal environment, and product quality, which are considered as the mostly important issues for the sustainable development of animal husbandry. Focusing on three important areas of intelligent control of animal housing environment, intelligent identification of livestock and poultry health, and intelligent feeding management, taking thermal environment, air quality, and light environment as main factors in particular, this study technically analyzes the impact of housing environment on animals' health and the state-of-the-art technical methods on environmental manipulation in the world. Also presented in the paper is the current status of intelligent identification technology of livestock and poultry health based on physiological, behavioral, sound, and individual automatic monitoring, the intelligent feeding management and techniques, as well as equipment, including precision feeding, mechanical manure cleaning, auto-collection of animal products, and comprehensive management of animal production information. Based on summary of existing issues and challenges, relevant suggestions on research and development in future are given. The paper aims at providing theoretical basis and technical support on the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of China's livestock and poultry industry.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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