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East China Sea Station; buoys observation; observation network

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The East China Sea Ocean Observation and Research Station (hereinafter referred to as the "East China Sea Station") has established a scientific and reasonable observation network of buoys in the East China Sea, in order to meet the needs of investigation of important current systems and complex ocean phenomena, typhoon warning and forecasting, as well as maintenance and protection of marine rights and interests. The main achievements obtained by the East China Sea Station are as the follows:the East China Sea Station has accumulated more than ten years of continuous real-time observation data, and effectively reveals the long-term evolution process of the regional marine environment; the real-time observation database of typhoon is established, which effectively improves the accuracy of typhoon path prediction; the applicability of the international wind speed model and the flow field model in the offshore areas of China is verified; the characteristics of the seasonal variation of the marine environment in the East China Sea are clarified, which improves the forecast ability of the disastrous events to the marine environment in China; the first super-large buoy with threeanchor comprehensive observation platform in China has been developed, which opened up the application and demonstration of intelligent observation in the field of ocean profile observation. The East China Sea Station has always adhered to the collaborative development of basic research technological research. Based on the comprehensive intersection and system integration of theoretical innovation and key technologies of coastal environmental evolution and sustainable utilization of biological resources in China, a series of important achievements have been made in the field of systematic long-term, fixed-point, continuous and real-time observation, experimental research and science popularization demonstration, which meets major needs of China's offshore marine ecological civilization construction and transparent ocean plan, and benefits the frontiers investigation of oceanography, marine ecology, marine chemistry and marine biology, etc. The East China Sea Station has provided important data and technical support for marine environmental protection, disaster prevention and mitigation in China's offshore areas.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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