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Artificial Intelligence (AI); industrial internet; manufacturing paradigm; customization production and use integration

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Up to now, the manufacturing paradigm has gone through four stages:manual manufacturing, large machine production, assembly line production, and mass customization. Through the analysis on and research of the evolution history of the manufacturing paradigms, this study expounds that a relatively fixed manufacturing paradigm is influenced and shaped by four factors:technology, social environment, values, and system. Among them technology, which brings with multiple possibilities, serves to construct the internal structure of the manufacturing paradigm, though only one manufactured internal structure can be called a manufacturing paradigm that adapts to the social environment and meets the values. On the basis of Basic Manufacturing Paradigm, the system serves to consolidate and upgrade the already existed paradigm. Against the backdrop of intelligent technology revolution and industrial revolution worldwide, this paper points out that a new manufacturing paradigm called "Production and Use Integration" will be formed based on intelligent technology, which will contribute to the advent of the fifth form of manufacturing after the mass customization.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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