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geology; big data; data-intensive; data mining

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Big data has influenced the way people live and changed the method to understand and research the world. As a typical dataintensive subject, geology is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In response to these challenges, geologists need not only to improve the traditional methods of research, but also to convert the intrinsic thinking patterns and embrace the big data epoch. The combination of geology and big data greatly expands the cognitive space of geology and improves the ability to acquire new knowledge of geology. At the same time, it provides new vitality for the energy mineral survey, the rational use of environmental resources and the social production and public service, which are supported by geology. On the basis of analyzing the current research status of big data in geology, this paper elaborates the frontier scientific problems of big data research in geology in China, puts forward the strategic target of the development of big data of geology, and probes into the main problems and solutions to the development of the big data of geology. Big data will change the way geologists think. The data-driven scientific discovery model will bring a new look to the development of geology. This paper calls on Chinese geological community to give more attention and support to big data.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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