Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


Earth observation (EO) data; opening and sharing; data governance system; data sharing ecosystem; data sharing model

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Earth observation (EO) data, as the basic and strategic resource of a country, plays an important role in national economy, social development, and defense security, and a new era opportunity of the transition from a "great country of data" to a "strong country of data" is coming to China. This paper summarizes the existing conditions and recent trends of opening and sharing of EO data from both international and domestic perspectives, and then analyzes the problems and challenges of opening and sharing EO data in China. Finally, three suggestions are proposed to promote the opening and sharing of China's EO data, namely, (1) the construction of data governance system needs to be strengthened to consolidate the foundation for opening and sharing EO data; (2) a sustainable data sharing ecosystem needs to be maintained from regulation and technology; (3) the innovative service modes of data sharing should be created to deepen the application of EO data. By strengthening the data opening and sharing, the potential value of China's EO big data can be discovered and the strategic role of EO data can be fully motivated. Therefore, the international competitiveness of China's big EO data will be effectively enhanced.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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