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scientific data stewardship; scientific data sharing; scientific data policy; open data

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As the soul of research activities, scientific data is not only the inputs for stimulating scientific research innovation, but also the indispensable outcomes during research. Tracing the policies and practices on scientific data management and sharing, main development trends have been identified as "positive and gentle research data policy" as well as "full and delicate scientific data management". Upon comparison of domestic and international policies and practices, we figure out that the national scientific data policy development is still at its early stage while multidisciplinary practices on research stewardship are still on demand. The open data trend could positively nourish better scientific data management and establishment of research data sharing culture. More involvement of different stakeholders is still in urgent need. Further, gentle and positive sharing trend will still last; public data rights shall continue tradeoff against private data rights fiercely. IT innovation and redefinition of scientific data management could benefit data sharing as well.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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