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Square Kilometre Arra (SKA); big data; high performance computing; science application

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The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope to be built soon is the largest astronomical observing facility, and it is expected to make revolutionary breakthroughs in the major frontiers of natural sciences to answer fundamental questions of origins, such as the origin of the Universe, the origin of life, the origin of the cosmic magnetic field, the nature of gravity, and search for extraterrestrial civilization. The unprecedented power of the SKA, characterized by the extremely high sensitivity, wide field of view, ultra-fast survey speed, super high time, space, and frequency resolutions ensures the leading position of the SKA in radio astronomy in next decades, which also produces a vast amount of observational data at ExaByte (EB) level. The transportation, storage, reading, writing, computing, management, archiving of the SKAlevel data and the release of SKA science products have posed serious challenges on the technologies in the field of information and computers. China SKA science team will work together with the information, communication, and computer industry to tackle the challenges of the SKA big data, as not only promotes major original scientific discoveries, but also applies the derived technological achievements to stimulate the national economy.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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