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modern marine ranching; intensive precise aquaculture; ecological farm and ranch in coastal zone; open sea smart fishing ground

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Modern marine ranching should be given high priority for environmental protection and marine fishery health in coastal areas. The approach of Chinese marine ranching is continuously developing. It was transferred from artificial reef construction and stock enhancement to the improvement of the marine environment and conservation of fishery resources. Chinese marine ranching is vigorously developing, 64 national marine ranching demonstration areas have been completed. At the same time, how to modernize the development of marine ranching is still an important problem to be solved. This paper discusses the construction system of modern marine ranching from four aspects:concept modernization, equipment modernization, technology modernization, and management modernization. In view of the characteristics of the temperate and tropical sea in China and the demand for the construction of blue granary integrating the land and sea, the new system of marine ranching, intensive precise aquaculture, ecological farm and ranch in coastal zone, open sea smart fishing ground is put forward to upgrade the existing marine ranching in temperate sea area and provide reference for modern marine ranching in tropical sea area.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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