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agricultural high-tech industry; industrial development environment; scientific and technological innovation

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The 19th National Congress report pointed out that innovation is the first impetus of development and a strategic support for modern economic system. It clearly requires to deepen the institutional reform of the science and technology system and to establish a technological innovation system featuring with enterprises playing the dominant role, market orientation, and deep integration of industry, education, and research. Agricultural high-tech industry is an accelerator for the interactive development of science and technology innovation and modern agriculture. In the new era, promoting agricultural high-tech industry needs overall plans of optimizing industrial environment, strengthening scientific and technological support, improving organizational security as well as integrating and blending other elements. Furthermore, it need strive to create an industrial system with synergistic development of hypostatic economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources to enhance the foundation of industrial development and expand development capacity and scale benefit. In this paper, the status of agricultural high-tech industry environment and key issues related are analyzed from the perspective of science and technology innovation. It also expounds the connotation and extension of agricultural high-tech industry in the new era, focus of industrial policy, development trend of innovation subject, construction of innovation system, and so on. Some suggestions are proposed based on these analysis results.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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