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scientific and technological achievements transformation; patent; pledge; insurance policy

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Formulating and implementing the patent pledge insurance policy is an important measure to effectively promoting intellectual property (IP) right utilization and constructing the power IP nation. This paper summarizes the relevant laws and policies for the development of patent pledge insurance in China, sorts out the risk-sharing policy of patent pledge that some developed countries have formulated and implemented, uses the general principle and method to research the implemented conditions and models of patent pledged insurance, and puts forward some policy recommendations to developing the patent pledge insurance. The government shall subsidy the financial institutions which insure the patent pledge insurance and reward institutions which have no insurance claim occurred from the insurance funds or guarantee funds. It is needed to establish a rigorous risk evaluating system to enhance the patent quality and loan risk evaluating ability for insurance institutions. China also shall speed up the implementation of patent quality improvement project to reduce the loss of financial institutions and insurance rate.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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