Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


Chinese cropland; soil organic carbon (SOC); rate of change; carbon sequestration potential

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Soil organic carbon (SOC) as the core of soil fertility affects soil quality, function, and crop production, and plays a key role in global climate change. Soil resources in China are facing multiple challenges such as maintainment and improvement of food security and ecosystem functioning, and mitigation of climate change. Consequently, information and knowledge on changes in SOC in Chinese cropland are extremely important for the sustainable utilization of the soil resources in the country. This paper first reviews the common views on SOC sequestration rate and potential in Chinese cropland at the national scale, and then points out the possible challenges that are facing for the research communities. And finally, proposes research suggestions from the aspects of soil organic matter turnover process, soil information service platform construction, and the connections between SOC sequestration research and agricultural management decision support.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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