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STM journal; internationalization; strategy and tactic; The Belt and Road; open access; business operation and management; journal platform

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China has been an important country in science and technology of great influence. The internationalization of Chinese STM journals is an important embodiment of China's science and technology competitive power and cultural soft power. Chinese STM journals not only show China's science and technology achievement to the world, but also promote international communication and cooperation, expedite scientific research and innovation. This paper provided strategies and tactics on how could Chinese STM journals be international in eight facets:internationalization of Chinese STM journals should be included in the overall layout of The Belt and Road; provide flexible export policies and channels; accelerate the publication of open access journals; develop international publishing and disseminating platform of China; actively run more English STM journals; translate and introduce more Chinese STM journals to the world; attract and educate international journal professionals; improve business operation and management of STM journals, aiming at promoting the prosperity and development of Chinese STM journals, and enhancing science and technology competitive power and cultural soft power of China.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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