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traditional crafts; modern value; discipline construction

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Traditional crafts are of important livelihood value, academic value, and modern value, and they are indispensable for Chinese modernization construction, thus they should be included in the paradigm of Chinese modernization construction. Therefore, discipline construction of traditional crafts and arts is urgent issue to be researched and developed. For this purpose, Chinese Academy of Sciences started to composite and edit Complete Collection on Traditional Chinese Crafts and Arts in 1996. After 20 years effort, Part I and Part Ⅱ of 20 volumes was published in 2017. As a series of literature academic monograph, this publication achieved widely social impact, they are highly credited as the infrastructure construction of the national science and culture undertaking. Nevertheless, the shortage of the publication is with a big name but less of solid content, and comparing with the techniques and crafts, social humanity perspective is rather simpler. So the revision and expansion are needed. Now, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the revision, additional editing, and continued composition of Complete Collection on Traditional Chinese Crafts and Arts are undergoing on schedule.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


华觉明.绪论//中国手工技艺.郑州: 大象出版社, 2013: 1-16.

文化部, 工业和信息化部, 财政部.中国传统工艺振兴计划.[2017-03-24]. http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/content/2017-03/24/content_5180388.htm.