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Paris Agreement; climate governance; Trump; withdrawal; role of China

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More accurately speaking, the withdrawal by the US President Donald Trump from the Paris Climate Agreement represents the position of the US federal government but not necessarily that of the local governments and the majority part of the private sector. However, the concern over the negative impact of the US decision does have its stands. Nevertheless, unilateral withdrawal is unable to terminate or even to hold the implementation of the Paris Agreement, as the framework set the agreement is positive, firm, open, and progressive by nature. The responses from the international community and US domestic sources indicate that the effects are positive from such a negative shock. In the meantime, the US withdrawal does not necessarily mean that the US is to give up its leadership in the climate process, and that China as the number one emitter and second largest economy will take over the role left by the US. To push the Paris process, China has to take a leading role but it is no time to hurry up. The best approach is to take actions when conditions allows as no one can shoulder unlimited responsibilities.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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