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regional agricultural landscape; ecological regulation and control; biologically-diversified landscape ecosystems; landscape pattern characteristics; human activities

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Ecological regulation and control of pests are always important frontier areas in science and technology for prevention and management of crop diseases and insect pests. The research system on ecological regulation and control of pests is developing from a single agroecosystem to regional agricultural landscape ecosystem. Researching the effects of landscape pattern characteristics and human activities in regional agricultural landscape ecosystem on crop diseases and insect pests, and their natural enemies has a great significance for prevention and management of pests. It also benefits to explore the influence of human activities on structure and functions of biodiversity and to elucidate the mechanisms of integrated function, maintenance, and regulation of biodiversity. Orientation prevention and management of crop diseases and insect pests based on information flow and behaviour manipulation among organisms are not only fundamental researches but also an important part of agricultural production activities. They can work and function for food crops production and ecological management activities of pests in regional agricultural landscape ecosystem. Here we mainly elaborate ecological effects of landscape pattern characteristics and human activities in regional agricultural landscape ecosystem on insect pests and their natural enemies. And then we propose a strategy system of ecological regulation and control of pests based on biologically-diversified landscape ecosystems at regional scale.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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