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historic building conservation; conservation technologies; scientific conservation; culture inheritance

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Since the 20th century, the protection of historic buildings has become an independent discipline and stresses the rationality and empiricism by means of scientific methods. The protection of built heritage is mainly established on in-situ investigation and diagnosis, laboratory tests of conservation scheme, and the monitoring and evaluation after repair, which is a whole set of operation mode derived from international protection charters. In recent years, Chinese government has invested a lot of human resources and capitals into heritage conservation in order to protect and inherit the spirit of our nations. This paper gives a review of frontier applied technologies of material pathology diagnosis, repair, and monitor on historic building conservation in our country, discussing and analyzing the realistic difficulties and contradictions in the process of scientific preservation and restoration of historic buildings. Through the scientific conservation of our precious heritages, it is expected to make due contribution to pass our precious treasures to our future generations.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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