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nations with ancient civilizations; cultural heritage conservation; exchange and mutual learning between civilizations; cultural confidence

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Every step forward of human society is a highlight of human values and an assumption of responsibility by the ancient civilizations, and it simultaneously makes great nations which flicker light of civilization. Unfortunately, the conservation and preservation of ancient civilizations has always been faced with challenges from three aspects. Firstly, the barbarous destruction of wars constantly pushes the ancient civilizations into a life-and-death crisis. Secondly, the exacerbated conflicts brought about by globalization make it extremely hard to guard the common human values. Thirdly, the force majeure acts of natural disasters have always been a potential threat since the ancient times. As a significant existence in the world's multi-polarization process and an effective force to stimulate the development of the world, the ancient civilizations have been pushed again to the forefront of the times and are exerting their extensive regional and global influence. Development is the common strategic goal of all ancient civilizations. Therefore, all ancient civilizations should focus on development, share experience, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to realize peaceful, cooperative, and inclusive development. All ancient civilizations must become closer partners in development and cooperation worldwide, enrich the contents of their strategic cooperative relationship, and build a closer partnership of global development, so as to achieve the national rejuvenation together.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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