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China-Europe Express Train (CEET); international land transport; the Belt and Road Initiative; infrastructure connectivity; huband-spoke

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Connectivity of infrastructure is a priority component of China's Belt and Road Initiative. As an important achievement of such connectivity and a symbolic co-transport platform, China-Europe Express Train (CEET), organized and operated by Chinese local government, has become a new way for cargo transportation among China, Central Asia, and Europe. This paper first analyzes the significance of CEET as well as its problems, and then raises two view points to correctly understand CEET, that is, CEET plays a limited role in the shipment of China's imported and exported commodities, and this transport model can achieve profit only if selective goods ( e.g., high-value and low-weight goods) are shipped to appropriate locations ( e.g. the hinterland of the Eurasian Continent). In fact, the CEET accounts for only a tiny share of China's international trade cargo. In the end, the paper suggests to adopt a hub-and-spoke mode and set up a few transport hubs as well as foster the brand of "China Railway Express" to cut costs and improve efficiency.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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