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innovation; social development; innovation ability; entrepreneurial intention; entrepreneurial mentality

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The study reviews the role of the individual in the development of society, and the influence of the social psychology on the development of the society, especially the influence of the social mentality. Using the survey data of the social mentality of entrepreneurs, the characteristics of the current entrepreneurs and the characteristics of the entrepreneurial environment are analyzed. According to the analysis of age, degree of education, entrepreneurial motivation, registered permanent residence, it is concluded that the new type of entrepreneurs has not formed. At present, there is a gap between the potential entrepreneurs and popular entrepreneurship. The proportion of entrepreneurs that believes the current environment is very suitable for entrepreneurship is low. People feel there is greater entrepreneurial risk, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm is not high. Innovation is also an important factor affecting entrepreneurship, but the proportion of innovative entrepreneurship is not high. To promote popular entrepreneurship should be based on innovation.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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