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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development; Xiongan New Area; scientific planning; Multi-planning Integration; basic scheme; suggestion

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Xiongan New Area is in the best of times to perform Multi-planning Integration, and is also the ideal place to demonstrate the Multiplanning Integration policy. We put forward the basic schemes of Multi-planning Integration in the progress of Xiongan New Area planning:Remain the "one blueprint" of Xiongan New Area planning unchanged; Drive collaborative construction of the ground and underground space in Xiongan New Area; Achieve seamless connection of the ecological space, production space and living space in Xiongan New Area; Realize accurate unified of the coordinates, indicators, targets and limit standard of Xiongan New Area planning; Strengthen restraint of the "5 red lines" (including the restraint for cultivated land, ecology, water, and the boundary of resource environmental bearing capacity and urban spatial growth) in Xiongan New Area; Implement "6 unify" (includingtotal total control, planning, drawing, standard, regulation, and platform) in Xiongan New Area. In order to promote the Multi-planning Integration of Xiongan New Area smoothly, the government should be far-sighted and plan ahead:Get Xiongan New Area into the national Multi-planning Integration pilot program as early as possible, and establish the New Area as the demonstration and testing area of China's Multi-planning Integration; Coordinate the relationship between the urban master plans of Xiongan New Area and Beijing-Tianjin-Baoding; Build an intelligent decision support system and platform of Multi-planning Integration of Xiongan New Area accordingly; Plan the headquarter base of equipment manufacturing industry in the New Area in advance to avoid layout chaotically; Preferentially plan the Baiyangdian Lake as heart-like ecologically central green area to set up a smart, low-carbon, and city-industry integration district in Xiongan New Area; Build a compact district with high starting point and high standard in Xiongan New Area to avoid the new round of new city and new district diseases; Promote Baoding as the server and the purifier of New Area's construction to elevate the city as New Baoding; And highlight the international first-class and Chinese characteristics along the planning and construction of Xiongan New Area, drive the New Area become a leading region in realizing Chinese dream and national strategy in the near future.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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