Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chinese Version)


new sci-tech revolution; human-machines-things intelligence; ternary fusion society; Xiongan New Area

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From the view point of grand history, civilization progress, development mode, world pattern, sci-tech innovation, and development of China are all in the significant turnaround period. Global innovation activity has entered a new round of intensive period. Green, health, and intelligence drive the direction of innovation; artificial intelligence, new energy source technology, and new biological technology hosts the multi-breakthroughs and cross-convergence, disruptive technology continues to merge, new sci-tech revolution promotes the industrial reform. People-oriented ternary fusion society of human, machines, and things is nurtured, while human and nature getting alone well and their relationship becomes to be the partners; new sci-tech such as artificial intelligence will change the relationship between human and machine, for the machine, it may from the position of human's tool and subordinate, gradually become to be the partner. Xiongan New Area is born from functional dispersal, rises because of innovation, and strengthens for the designation of intelligence. New round of sci-tech revolution and industrial reform are the biggest variable and increment of Xiongan New Area's construction. In the future construction, we should adopt the mechanism of "National Special Innovation Zone", take fully advantages of new sci-tech achievements, and explore new form of future city under ternary fusion society of human, machines, and things.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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