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coastal zone; ecological connectivity; ecological farm and ranch; Yellow River Delta

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As a model and epitome of coastal zone development in China, the Yellow River Delta region is being significantly affected by global climate change and human activities. Its ecological vulnerability is exceptionally prominent and confronted with numerous severe challenges. At present, relatively independent operations of saline land agriculture, tidal flat aquaculture, and marine ranching cannot satisfy the developmental requirements of modern agriculture in coastal zone. It is therefore urgent to ascertain the impact mechanism and regulation approach of ecological connectivity between land and sea, utilize advanced facilities and engineering technology, and establish a new model of ecological farm and ranch in coastal zone based on ecosystem management concept. Taking the Yellow River Delta as an example, the current situation and issues of coastal environment and resources were analyzed. Based on the present situations and requirements of saline land development and marine ranching industry in coastal zone, the author discussed the construction concept, construction contents, scientific questions, key technology and development approach to coastal ecological farm and ranch, so as to provide references for the protection and sustainable utilization of coastal zone in China.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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