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fertilizer industry; current situation and problems; development proposals; agricultural supply-side reform

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As a crucial procreative material in agriculture, fertilizer is the material basis for the sustainable development of agriculture. The fertilizer industry is an important link in promoting the agricultural supply-side structural reform. However, the current fertilizer industry in China also faces a series of problems, such as excess capacity, low nutrient utilization, and unreasonable fertilization, resulting in waste of resources, environmental pollution, and soil degradation of cultivated land, and thus the fertilizer industry development model needs to be changed. This paper explains the current problems and causes of fertilizer industry in China from the fertilizer market date sets based on the survey on fertilizer industry and agricultural production. The proposals and measures were put forward around the concept that the sustainable development of fertilizer and soil remediation industry should be based on the promotion of agricultural supply-side structural reform, be market-oriented, and bear the main objectives to meet the national food security, supply the high-quality green agricultural products, and increase farmers' income.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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