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agriculture; Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); plan; supply-side reform

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Encountering severe challenge in Agricultural transformation and development, China will face more arduous task of supply to ensure grain and other major agricultural products, therefore, the theory and technology innovations are eager to be expected. To address these issues, a series of policies and measures to promote agricultural supply-side reform were issued at the beginning of 13th Five-Year Plan period. Taking the advantages of national highland for innovative talent, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) continuously provides successive new idea and theory, techniques and methods for Chinese sustainable agricultural development focused on development of seed industry, improvement of soil productivity, and innovation of green agricultural technology. In this study, we analyzed the connotation of agricultural supply-side reform and interpreted in detail about scientific layout and working deployment of agriculture section in the 13th Five-Year Plan in terms of three aspects:solving major scientific issues, overcoming common key techniques, and implementing upgraded regional demonstration by integrated industrial technologies and optimized allocation of agricultural resources.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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