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straw industry; concept of big agro-products; value-added cycle

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China is the largest producer of straw, improving utilization of straw is substantially equal to raise the yield of agricultural resources. Straw should be treated as same as agricultural products, working on the collection, storage and other industrial chain links to make the straw industry bigger and stronger. If the not utilized straw could be fully recycled, an increase of 21%-27% of agricultural resources would be reached. Straw using patterns cannot be the same in China's vast area, even in the same place, they should be diversified. We should learn policies and measures of straw utilization from other countries and emphasis on innovation of technology integration, establish an effective system of collection-storage-transportation, develop and implement support policies, carry out a comprehensive survey of straw resources, compile straw utilization planning, focus on the implementation of regulations, use international carbon funds effectively, and put the straw utilization in environmental assessment reward system of the new rural building.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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