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ecological value; approaching method; system construction

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The theory of ecological value indicates that reflecting and realizing the ecological value comprehensively is a significant approach to break the constraint relationship between development and the safety of resources and environment. The ecological value can be generalized into three elements-mineral resources, natural environments & atmosphere, and ecological system, which are confronted with several problems, such as fuzzy delimitation of property rights, imperfection trade pricing mode, and faulty capacity of recovery. This study raises the necessity of setting up the theory of ecological value. In order of that, according to different type of natural resources, by making a clear demarcation on property right, constructing a sound pricing mode, promoting the power and function structure of mineral resources, strengthening the market system of ecological value, and implementing some pointed measures to help ecology recovery can realize ecological value at the greatest extent and promote a green development.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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