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biotech seed industry, breeding technology, innovation competitiveness, industrial competitiveness

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Biotech seed industry is a strategic core industry. Biotechnology combined with digital technology has promoted the seed industry into an intelligent era, and the breeding paradigm has changed from “experimental selection” to “computational selection”. Biotech seed industry has become a research and development intensive industry, and the market is highly concentrated, which is controlled by large multinational enterprises. The scientific and technological output of China and the United States is in the first echelon, and the number of papers and authorized patents ranks among the top two in the world. From the perspective of core competitiveness, the United States is a global leader with monopoly advantages in original basic research and key technology. China has made great progress in the application of breeding technology, but it still needs to breakthrough in basic theory research, key technology development, and high value seed product.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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