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rural vitalization,public psychological service system,rural residents,rural governance

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Rural revitalization is a comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, including not only the material dimension, but also the cultural and psychological aspects. The revitalization requires systematic construction of social psychology as well as the participation and intellectual support from psychological perspectives. Therefore, this study illustrated the endogenous demands of rural revitalization for the construction of rural public psychological service system, analyzed the current social psychological status of rural residents and its effects on rural revitalization, and proposed strategies and suggestions on the construction of rural public psychological service system to support rural revitalization. The suggestions include:(1) Incorporating the rural public psychological service system in the top-level design of rural revitalization strategy; (2) Performing mental health promotion that is in line with rural reality and has local characteristics; (3) Organically embedding rural public psychological service into rural social governance; (4) Strengthening rural social psychology research and providing relevant academic support.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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