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Medicine and life health field is the most active and potential strategic sector in the science and technology innovation system, and is also an important guarantee to improve people’s health, promote the progress of social civilization, and maintain national security. China’s medical research system is weak in basic research, with few breakthroughs in cutting-edge innovation and high dependence on foreign medical equipment and instruments, so it is urgent to strengthen the weaknesses and make up for the shortcomings. Under the strategic guidance of “Four-pronged”, China should strengthen strategic thinking and system concepts, comprehensively plan the medium- and long-term medical science and technology development, and shape the overall capability of Chinese medical science and technology. Therefore, this study puts forward eight suggestions, such as optimizing top-level design, improving investment mechanism, solidifying basic research, promoting interdisciplinary, strengthening the transformation of achievements, promoting open collaboration, preparing for worst-case scenarios, and focusing on ethical regulations.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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