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government data; data open; data development; data utilization

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In recent years, with the rise of big data wave, the big data industry has maintained a high-speed development trend, and the big data application has a good momentum. Governmental data, as a data resource with high value density and wide coverage, has become an important asset developed by all countries. However, for a long time, the theoretical research on the development and utilization of government data has been ignored. How to develop and utilize government data scientifically and effectively has become an urgent problem. This study concludes the policies and measures as well as practices of the governmental data systematically in some important developed countries and collates and analyzes the policy system and current development situation of the governmental data development and use in China. Then we try to establish the process mechanism model of the governmental data development and use and also propose some policy suggestions such as strengthening top legislation and implementing institutional guarantee, expanding data source and improving data quality, unifying the converging and opening up and deepening industrial application, establishing qualification permit and clarifying authorization mechanism, innovating development model and clarifying income distribution, promoting pilot practice and exploring feasible experience, strengthening technology support and ensuring data security, in order to provide decision-making reference for further promoting governmental data development and use.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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