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siological science; research fronts; time sequence; evolution

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The ever-changing evolution of the research fronts leads the development of disciplines, indicating the evolution of disciplines and the direction of technological innovation. Identification and monitoring the evolution of research fronts is helpful to grasp the flow of knowledge in the field of science and technology and trace the development of science and technology, which can provide reference for the selection and tracking of key research fields. Based on the 2013-2016 "Research Fronts" report, and take the field of biological science as an example, we analysis the time sequence evolution and development trend of the 40 research fronts, and judge the evolution type of the research fronts to revealing the evolution of research fronts and characteristics. From the time sequence evolution of biological science research fronts, we can see that the research fronts of biological science is relatively concentrated, and more than half of the research fronts is closely related to human health. Its research progress is rapid and highlights the research focus and hotspot of biological science. The method can be used to capture the dynamic evolution of fronts, and identify the time sequence of research fronts.

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Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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